Name: Goldie
Primary Breed: Golden Retriever Mix
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: In permanent foster/hospice care: no longer available for adoption

Update January 2016:

After showing signs of failing health, it has been confirmed by our vet that our beloved Goldie is full of cancer. Her age, combined with her rapidly deteriorating health, is leaving us with no realistic treatment options. At this point, we are hoping to keep Goldie comfortable and pain-free for as long as we can.

Goldie is very familiar and seemingly comfortable with shelter life, but we feel she deserves the chance to live out her last days in a quiet and peaceful home with someone that will be able to monitor her health around the clock.

We have found a foster home for our Goldie that will serve as hospice care for her as her illness progresses.   A local woman who has spent a considerable amount of time over the years volunteering with Goldie has taken her into her care.   Goldie knows this woman well and we feel that Goldie will be able to make the transition into her care and into her home.  We will continue to monitor her health and well-being and will keep everyone updated as to how she’s doing.

We feel that we have done all we can for Goldie over the years and have always done what is in her best interest.  She has known a good life in our care, and considering the life she came from, the shelter life has been the best care she’s known.

We truly appreciate the outpouring of love and support we have received for Goldie in the time she’s been with us and can only hope that she leaves this life knowing how much we all cared.