Effective Friday, September 10th:

Due to a staff shortage, the Humane Society of North Iowa is temporarily closed to drop-in visits, but we are OPEN for adoptions! (by appointment)

All adoptable animals are listed online under the “Animals for Adoption” tab).

To adopt a pet, please submit an application by following this link.

Once your application is approved, we will call and schedule a time for you to come to the shelter to meet the pet you’ve applied for. If you are uncertain of who you would like to adopt, or would like to meet multiple candidates, please submit your Adoption Application and list multiple names or just put “unsure” in the “who you are applying for” box at the top of the app.

Our available staff is making sure the animals in the shelter (150+) are being kenneled and cared for. Animal care is our priority, so we appreciate everyone’s patience as we focus on their needs. THANK YOU!!