Adopted: May 2010

Update from owner: He’s still growing! He’s amazing. Thank you so much. It’ been a great year with Chester Mason. We are looking into doing therapy dog training with him. He’d be great with kids in particular. Chester has many friends and loves to play. Life is Good!!!






Adopted: Spring 2011

Update from owner: Here is a new picture of Stella. She is doing good. Now that Im home everyday she
is getting spoiled rotten. Of course she has toys and some are her favorite ones. Will send more pics later on. So glad we got her. She is happy. Still kinda scared of people yet but getting better.(side note: Stella is one of the dogs that came to the HSNI Shelter from a puppy mill. She was not used to being treated like a pet, so it’s wonderful to see how happy she is and how much she is progressing!)






Adopted: Fall 2010

Update from owner: Ruby is hanging out on the top of the slide at her “Doggy Day Care”








Adopted: March 2011
Benji is one of the 20 dogs that was rescued from a puppy mill. This little sweetie had spent his entire life living in a wire-floor cage and was used for breeding time and time again. He was not treated like a pet. He never knew the loving touch of a human hand. That is until….he was adopted!!!! His family spoils Benji so much! (hey…he deserves it!)

Here he is sharing an ice cream cone with his new owner. What a cutie!!



Bubba James and Dusty Monkey

Adopted: July 2010
Update from owner: Bubba James and Dusty Monkey are siblings and were adopted July 2010, then subjected to rigorous C.A.T. testing by stepbrothers Tigger and Pooh. Thankfully they passed by a whisker. Bubba’s all business, but sneaks lap naps. Dusty was given middle name Monkey to honor her huge round eyes but she’s taken it to heart and to new heights, climbs the impossible, and will be walking the ceilings before long. Bubba James and Monkey are playful, funny, mischievous, and continuously curious. Every day they do something that makes me double over in laughter. I’m so lucky to have them in my life. They bring pure joy! And they keep Tigger, Pooh and me on our toes!  Sincerely,  Mary


Adopted: July 2010
Update from owner: I’m writing to let you know how happy we are with Izzy, our little sheltie/terrier puppy, who we adopted in July of 2010. We don’t know what it would be like without her. She’s almost 1 now, and knows lots of new tricks. We went to doggy school last Oct. and learned many new things, and we work with her every day. We can’t wait to take her camping with us this summer.Izzy says:”I love to watch our neighbors horses, and go for long walks down by the river, and I especially like to play outside with my big cousin, Trice, (a white lab). We run and play until we’re too tired to even walk. I also have a nice warm spot on the bed where I sleep every night. I liked the shelter when I was there, but I love my new home.”Thanks for all of your hard work at the shelter, and thanks for Izzy.
Mike and Rosalie