Adoption vs. “Free”

We see lots of “free” animals out there; listed in the give-a-way guide in the newspaper, on posters at the grocery store, or from a neighbor or friend who’s unspayed pet had a litter.

But many of these animals have had no vet work done, so just how much is this “free” pet really going to cost?

We contacted local veterinarians and asked them what their price would be for the services we provide to shelter pets. The average of those prices is listed below.

Average of local veterinarian prices:
Examination $10.00
FELV/FIV test $38.00
Distemper Combination x 2 $34.00
Rabies 1 year booster $20.00
Deworming x 2 $14.00
Spay female/Surgical Laser $124.00
Neuter Male/Surgical Laser $75.00
TOTAL:   Females $240.00         Males $191.00

Humane Society Adoption Fee (all above listed vet services included)
Adult cat: $105.00             Kitten: $115.00

Average of local veterinarian prices:
Examination $10.00
Distempter /Parvo Combo x 3 $75.00
Rabies 1 year booster $20.00
Heartworm Test $28.00
Deworming x 2 $23.00
Spay (average-based on weight) $149.00
Neuter (average-based on weight) $141.00
TOTAL:  Female (average): $305.00         Male (average): $297.00

Humane Society Adoption Fee Range (all above listed vet services included)

The bottom line is that it is less expensive to adopt an animal from the Humane Society than it is to get a “free” pet and have the vet work done on your own! We partner with local veterinarians to have the neccessary vet work done at a discounted price…we set our adoption fees to recoup this expense.  We do not make a profit on our adoption fees.

Their are numerous reasons to adopt; the most compelling is the impact you make on stray, displaced or unwanted pets. By adopting a shelter animal, you really are saving two lives: the life of the animal you are adopting and the animal that can come into the shelter to fill the empty space you just created!

And lastly, the motto of the Humane Society of North Iowa….