In-Kind Donations/Supplies

The Humane Society of North Iowa relies on donations to operate and manage our shelter.  We go through A LOT of supplies!   Can you help us by donating some of these items?
Below is a list of supplies we are always in need of:
                    • Cat Litter: non-clumping kind (high demand item)
                    • Garbage bags (13 gallon-high demand item)
                    • Dish soap and hand soap (high demand items)
                    • Laundry supplies: Bleach, dryer sheets, liquid detergent (high demand items)
                    • Canned pumpkin (we add this to the food of pets with digestive issues)
                    • Forever Postage Stamps
                    • Dry Kitten Food:  Science Diet, Purina or other high quality brand
                    • Soft treats for dogs (Snausages, Beggin Strips, etc…)
                    • Cat treats
                    • Paper Towels
                    • Fleece blankets, old towels (no poly-fill comforters or pillows please)
                    • Office supplies: pens, white copy paper
                    • Peanut Butter, Cheerios, rolled oats (we use this in Kong toys for our dogs)
                    • TOYS!  Our cats and dogs love toys!
                    • Gift cards to businesses we buy supplies from: Menards, Hy-Vee, Petco, Fleet Farm, Tractor Supply, Wal-Mart, Target and Staples
                    • Newspapers to line cat kennels with (non-glossy pages only please)
                    • Monetary contributions to help pay for these items are always  greatly appreciated!
People often ask why we don’t need regular dog and cat food donated.  It is because the Humane Society of North Iowa is fortunate enough to be a part of the Hill’s Science Diet Shelter Nutrition Partnership!  We are provided a supply of high quality Hill’s Science Diet adult cat and dog food to feed to our shelter animals and we only pay for the shipping and handling! (we do encourage cash donations to offset this expense!)
Read more about this program here.